Food, Wine & spirits

With leading partners, Fratelli Colò guarantees the maintenance of the delicate items in our clients’ cold chains. From the place of loading to the final destination, products can be handled at controlled temperatures by operators well versed in transporting these particular products. With full respect and fulfillment of customers’ requests and the international rules governing these trades, Fratelli Coló offers highly competitive rates and unsurpassed customer attention.

In addition to direct food and beverage shipments, through our dedicated hub, we offer our customers the use of our excise warehouse space for products pending sale.

Tailored Services include:

  • Temperature controlled transport and warehousing
  • Supply of insulation kits to reduce temperature change risks
  • Installation and container stuffing for both Full and/or Partial loads
  • Traceability and Temperature recording
  • Customs Brokerage and Assistance with sanitary code inspections
  • Excise warehouse for spirits and distilled alcohol
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