Marble stone & tiles

Having a presence throughout Italy’s main logistical and port areas was a strategic decision for proper operations in many markets including those of marble and related products; thus Fratelli Coló opened an office at the Terminal in the Port of Carrara.

Thanks to this physical presence, the capacity to actively manage and transport these delicate and unique products has matured along with the similar ability to transport related goods in the bathroom furniture, accessories, and sanitary submarkets.

Holding to the strong belief in specialized service, Fratelli Coló understands the importance of utilizing established professionals even for these types of cargo. Clients regularly benefit from their experience in outstanding load completion. In this case Fratelli Colò is able to offer transportation of “break-bulk partial containers, full containers, and certified overweight ocean containers, all with ample ramps for consolidation, warehousing, customs clearance, and insurance policies covering “all risks” with leading insurance companies affiliated with Lloyd’s of London.

Tailored Services include:

  • Transport Options via Ground, Air, and Sea
  • Break Bulk Shipments
  • Intermodal Transport by Rail and/or Truck
  • Exceptional transport record
  • Operation of the terminal with advanced means
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance coverage options
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