Thanks to a continuous and careful selection of the shipping partners, we are able to offer our valued customer base unique solutions suitable for any type of request. Our contracts and contacts with the most important shipping companies and our in-house team combined with a network of approved operating agents located in all countries of origin and/or destination, allow us to arrange shipments to and from ports worldwide. This value chain effectively enables our clients the efficient management of even the most complex direct shipments “of cross trade” all with operating and document level real-time notification. While we are continually looking for innovative ways to allow our customers the direct consultation of the various shipping documents, shipments entrusted to us are all expertly tracked. We proudly create specific procedures depending on the needs of the individual customer, build strong relations with approved service providers, and regularly check the degree of satisfaction of the services offered.


With the same philosophy adopted for maritime shipments, and thanks to our industry experience, we have made a careful selection of approved airlines to handle our clients’ most urgent import / export requests. Only those with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and reliability are considered.

Fratelli Coló operates through all Italian airports and can propose a variety of solutions for time-sensitive shipments. In addition to a purely air solution, we often optimize the value chain by collaborating closely


True to our model and thanks to accurate sorting and high accountability of our partners, we can guarantee that our clients receive highly personalized and competitive shipping options. Both Full and Partial loads are easily moved throughout all European markets. We proudly provide industry leading transport times while offering standard and express services depending on the client’s needs.

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