VERTICAL MARKETS: In-House Dedicated Service Divisions


For over 10 years, the accumulated market knowledge and experience gained thanks to our unique market position to manage imports combined with the natural evolution of Fratelli Coló, has allowed the company to be considered among the leaders in these markets. We are proud of our strong partnerships with roots (and highly dependable service) connecting us to the preeminent producers of China and South-East Asia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Thanks to the above, Fratelli Coló is one of the most important players in the Fashion & Shoes sector.

Tailored Services include:

  • Delivery Services express to door with highly accredited Couriers.
  • Services management CARNET ATA, Issue EUR 1 and ATR
  • Pre-clearance service “pre-clearing operators”.
  • Management of hanging garments
  • Labeling Service
  • Cross-dock Distribution
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) with Bar Code
  • Pick and Pack
  • Safety and security equipment with alarms and insurance policies



This division stems from over thirty years of trust and collaboration between Fratelli Colò and one of the most important names in earthmoving machinery which has made our company its trusted representative for all Italian ports. Fratelli Coló has been tasked with the critical activites of both importing new vehicles originating from producer countries, and exporting the same means for the earth movement but second hand, towards various worldwide destinations.

In addition to this established relationship, Fratelli Colò handles imports and exports for the most important Italian shipyards (world leaders in the production of luxury yachts), and is the single trusted point of contact for one of the most important companies in Water Technology.

Tailored Services include:

  • Dedicated and specialized team.
  • Transport Options via Ground, Air, and Sea
  • Shipments in Break Bulk.
  • Intermodal transport (Rail and Truck).
  • Possibility of storage and use of our warehouse/ yard space.
  • Exceptional transportation record.
  • Certified treatment of dangerous goods.
  • Door to Door Service



Having a presence throughout Italy’s main logistical and port areas was a strategic decision for proper operations in many markets including those of marble and related products; thus Fratelli Coló opened an office at the Terminal in the Port of Carrara.

Thanks to this physical presence, the capacity to actively manage and transport these delicate and unique products has matured along with the similar ability to transport related goods in the bathroom furniture, accessories, and sanitary submarkets.

Holding to the strong belief in specialized service, Fratelli Coló understands the importance of utilizing established professionals even for these types of cargo. Clients regularly benefit from their experience in outstanding load completion. In this case Fratelli Colò is able to offer transportation of “break-bulk partial containers, full containers, and certified overweight ocean containers, all with ample ramps for consolidation, warehousing, customs clearance, and insurance policies covering “all risks” with leading insurance companies affiliated with Lloyd’s of London.

Tailored Services include:

  • Transport Options via Ground, Air, and Sea
  • Break Bulk Shipments
  • Intermodal Transport by Rail and/or Truck
  • Exceptional transport record
  • Operation of the terminal with advanced means
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance coverage options



With leading partners, Fratelli Colò guarantees the maintenance of the delicate items in our clients’ cold chains. From the place of loading to the final destination, products can be handled at controlled temperatures by operators well versed in transporting these particular products. With full respect and fulfillment of customers’ requests and the international rules governing these trades, Fratelli Coló offers highly competitive rates and unsurpassed customer attention.

In addition to direct food and beverage shipments, through our dedicated hub, we offer our customers the use of our excise warehouse space for products pending sale.

Tailored Services include:

  • Temperature controlled transport and warehousing
  • Supply of insulation kits to reduce temperature change risks
  • Installation and container stuffing for both Full and/or Partial loads
  • Traceability and Temperature recording
  • Customs Brokerage and Assistance with sanitary code inspections
  • Excise warehouse for spirits and distilled alcohol



Ovvero la nostra esperienza a servizio dei clienti:

Per multinazionali estere operanti nel trade Oil & Gas, in maniera particolare per le aree estrattive, gestiamo soluzioni di trasporto integrate per le destinazioni più disparate, fornendo una gamma completa di servizi logistici fino a door.


The true test (and proof) of our customer service:

For years we have worked with multinationals in the oil and gas, mining and earth moving machine sectors; for years we have delivered value-added solutions for critical and highly specialized freight to and from some of the most remote locations on earth. This experience has honed our ability to provide a full range of door-to-door logistic services and managed integrated transportation solutions for the most varied of client needs.


  • Dedicated and specialized teams
  • Transport Options via Ground, Air, and Sea
  • Exceptional transport with licensed escort guides
  • Certified Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Break Bulk Shipping
  • Intermodal Transport by Rail and/or Truck
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance offered though Lloyds of London?

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